Create a Landing Page That Converts!

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Unfortunately, there is no perfect recipe to creating a flawless landing page. A layout for one landing page might be effective for one business but not another. However, there are a number of key elements to a landing page which are likely to ensure success. Use these as a starting point to build on, and you can’t go wrong.


Is a landing page different from a normal web page?


Yes! A landing page, as the name suggests, is a page that people land on. Landing pages are stand alone pages created specifically for advertising purposes. Therefore, they will not appear as part of the menu structure and can only be reached when a customer clicks on one of your ads.


Elements of a good landing page.



Your landing page should include a Header and a Sub-header. These must be complimentary to each other and be relevant to the keywords you are bidding on. Clarity is key, get straight to the point of the page; don’t leave your visitors guessing.


A small bit of copy-

Give your audience 2 paragraphs of copy. This is just enough to keep them informed but not overwhelm them. Bullet points are effective to promote the key points to your audience. Make sure to check your grammar, as you don’t want Google to give you a red cross!


Use your trust indicators-


Whether you’ve won an award, been given a five-star rating or have some fantastic reviews from your clients, make sure to shout about it. These indicators give prospective customers a good reason to trust you and will increase your conversions.


Call your customers to action-


The worst scenario is that your customers see your fantastic page, love your business, but don’t know what to do next. Therefore, call to actions are vital to ensure your page converts. Best practice is to include a conversion button, a button linking to another page, and a large phone number for users to call. Both should be eye-catching and enticing.


Always above the fold


The most important part of the page is what visitors see without having to scroll. Therefore, the most important aspects of you page- particularly the call to action, must be above the fold. However, don’t go crazy! A page with too much packed into a small space can have the opposite effect and put customers off.


Test! Test! Test!


If your users are not clicking your call to action, with Google you can now test these pages to find out why. This allows you to make beneficial changes which see results. Run some A/B Tests, change images, change text and call to actions, to see what resonates with audiences and therefore google.


Consult the experts


Once you’ve completed all the above, its time to call in the experts. Here at Net Visibility we will set up a successful ad campaign which will link directly to your shiny, new landing pages, you will see conversions in no time. If you need help creating a landing page that converts, or want traffic driven to your landing page through an effective advertising campaign, call us on 01926 732044 or email us at

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