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Kate Boats Advertising with Net Visibility
Kate Boats have trusted Net Visibility to manage all their Google Search activity since 2019. We have continued to support Kate Boats and introduced Remarketing to them to help increase their online traffic and leads.
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The Challenge

Kate Boats had invested significantly in PPC and the traffic to their website was good.  Unfortunately, the searches they were appearing for were not the type of audience who would complete the sale.

Net Visibility was brought onboard to help restructure their paid campaigns and soon realised they needed to be smart in the keyword relevance.  The challenge was to increase sales and as growth was important, the focus was to drive more traffic to their website which would result in an increase of narrowboat hire enquiries.

The Net Visibility Approach

Net Visibility focused on researching relevant keywords and adding lots of negative keywords. We added lists of towns and counties as well as canals across the UK that were not relevant to stop wasted spend.  Introducing re-marketing got visitors back on the site again to increase the likelihood of conversion.

The Results

The new campaigns had an immediate impact in which they were able to deliver great results by saving 50% of their CPC budget.  Identifying relevant keywords and stopping ads being seen for non-relevant searches meant the budget was being spent on the correct potential customers seeing the ad and resulted in an increase of sales and revenue.

About Kate Boats

Kate Boats are a local family-owned business based in Warwick with self-drive narrowboats. These narrow boats are available to hire for short weekend breaks, long holidays and even have boats available for longer periods of time and are available from 3-5 star and 2-8 berth.

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Kate Boats Advertising with Net Visibility

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