What makes a good website?

When evaluating the effectiveness of your website, you must consider the following questions:


  1. Does your website generate sales or leads?
  2. Does your website contain inaccurate or outdated information?
  3. Are you embarrassed to give out your web address due to poor design?
  4. Are your competitors’ websites better?
  5. Does your website confuse visitors?
  6. Is your website costing a fortune?
  7. Does your website generate web traffic from Google APART from your company name?
  8. Does your website ignore social networking?


In one way, a good website not only attracts traffic, but also engages with visitors when they are there. But more importantly a good website conforms to Google’s rules.


Internal links to other pages, use of keywords and meta tags, use of social networking and usability all contribute towards the quality of your website according to Google. Without content there is nothing for a search engine to crawl, pick up and index. The result of this would be your website being visited less and less frequently. Without content there is nothing valuable for you to share in social media, which means that just like a search engine’s crawlers, your social followers will stop engaging with your updates and eventually stop following you. A strategy of regularly updating and growing the website is a necessity rather than an option.


An easy-to-use, attractive website will be preferred by Google and visitors alike, and leads to more conversions.