National Apprentice Week

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Net Visibility is proud of its record of providing employment to interns and young people, therefore National Apprentice Week seems like the perfect opportunity to espouse the role of young employees- of whom we currently have 3 under the age of 21. Whilst University degrees can be important, they are not essential, it can be preferable to have employees who are motivated and eager to develop, who can start “learning the ropes” at a younger age.


Whilst “Vocational Education”  has been championed by the most recent Conservative government and appear now to be back in vogue, we at Net Visibility have always recognised the value of being able to bring someone in and build them from the ground up in the ways of “Online Marketing” and “Search Engine Optimisation”. In this mutually beneficial arrangement Net Visibility get young individuals ready to develop themselves and who can be initiated into the culture of the company, and the Apprentice receives guidance and training which will further their expertise and career.


Could your business benefit from such an arrangement? University is not for everyone and a lack of University education is not an indication of a lack of intelligence, it could simply point to a young person motivated to get out and working. Apprenticeships offer businesses a cost-effective route to harness fresh new talent. The government also clearly recognises the value of apprentices and is seeking to combat youth unemployment through the promotion of apprenticeships, meaning subsidies are available for companies hiring an apprentice.


An apprentice works a minimum of 30 hours a week and requires both mentoring and training, as well as off the job learning. However if you are willing to put in the commitment you will find apprenticeships personally rewarding and beneficial to your business in the long run.


In short, through taking an apprentice, a firm gains a motivated individual who can be easily educated in the ways of the company, due in part to the fact that the employer is starting with a blank slate. With patience and good instruction an Apprentice can be a great asset too, and part of the future of any company. Apprentices can help your organisation to increase productivity, improve competitiveness and ensure you have a committed and competent workforce.


And apprentices have a future and a job with real skills they can apply, without £40,000 in student debt!


No matter what area you operate in, consider whether your company could benefit from the apprenticeship scheme, just as we have here at Net Visibility.

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