Online Strategy

What’s the point of having a website if you don’t have a medium or long term online strategy?


At Net Visibility we don’t have a magic wand (although we continue to be asked to pull the proverbial rabbit out of a hat!). What Net Visibility does have is an understanding of what Google defines as the optimum for a successful website AND social media. We then take your new or existing website and social media channels and work out how they best fit with what Google says it is looking for. Initially, Net Visibility assesses the strength of a company’s online strategy by posing the following questions:


  • Does your website generate sales or leads?
  • Does your website contain inaccurate or outdated information?
  • Are you embarrassed to give out your web address due to poor design?
  • Are your competitor’s websites better?
  • Does your website confuse visitors?
  • Is your website is costing you a fortune?
  • Does your website generate web traffic from Google APART from your company name?
  • Does your website ignore social networking?


The answer to the above is typically Yes. Something therefore needs to change! Google is looking for online authorities across an infinite number of niches.  In order that Net Visibility can make the XXXX website an authority for the niche that XXXX resides in, it is worth identifying what Google defines as a good website:


  • The website must be well designed, architecturally sound and conform to Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • The website must be frequently updated and evolve to become an online authority containing pages with a good reputation.
  • Content must be the star of each page and the user experience enhanced with links between each page.


Google has indicated that a piece of content written in a blog, Facebook or Twitter that is then socially forwarded will be classed as having a “social signal”. Their stated view is that “a website with more social signals will receive a higher ranking within its search algorithm.”


Net Visibility therefore believes it is an absolute necessity that you should invest in your existing website and make it work harder.  The website needs driving forward with quarterly plans developed, signed off and implemented. This evolving website will subsequently attract an increasing volume of web traffic from Google and the other leading internet search engines. The result of an increase in relevant traffic will be an increase in sales leads. Social media will be a key component to the online strategy and will be fully integrated as opposed to merely an adjunct. This will allow you to be seen online as a thought leader. All strategies employed will be undertaken in such a way that as new channels come online they can be easily added to the overall solution.


This is what we do and this is what we are good at!


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