Predictions for Mobile Marketing in 2018

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The year of 2018 is upon us and as will follow the stream of marketing predictions by industry experts. It is no surprise that in what’s referred to as the ‘Digital Age,’ Mobile has been a key focus for marketing strategies and this is likely to continue into the year to come. The mobile marketing report of 2017 evidenced that in the U.K. 61% of minutes spent online were through a mobile and comScore found that in August 2016 we spent on average 66 hours on a mobile, dwarfing the mere 29 hours on a desktop. So, in light of this, what are the industry experts saying?

Mobile First

Designers and developers will begin use mobile view as their primary design canvas, and add further up features for desktop display as a second priority.

Location Based Targeting To Passengers In Vehicles

Examples of this might include transportation companies could offer passengers reduced costs on toll roads should they opt into seeing/hearing their advertising. Additionally, using the location of the vehicle, retailers can target drivers with percentage reductions on products should they take the next exit.

Introduction Of GDPR

Companies will be provided with fines for mobile privacy violations under the introduction of a General Data Protection Regulation.

Offline, In-Person, Mobile Experiences

Mobile tech is the connection between online and offline. Customers will increasingly see AR (Augmented Reality) and Scannable Barcodes at events. Beacons will also be used to personalise user experience.

Amazon Alexa

2018 will see mobile marketers becoming familiar with the Alexa and how this can be combined with mobile strategy. It is even predicted that Alexa will become a critical aspect of the personalised mobile experience.

Voice-Activated Marketing

The integration of smart speakers and mobile applications to provide seamless user experience using voice.

Visual Vs Key Words

The future of search will be visual not key words. Customers are increasingly using visual discovery tools and these moments need to be captured by marketers.

Should these predictions come true, it could be a very exciting year for mobile marketing, with some interesting elements coming to the forefront. So, what do you think? Will you be looking to learn more about these areas and do you think that offering some of these services work for your business?

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