The Secrets To Getting Lucky On Valentine’s Day (From A Business Perspective!)

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If yours is a business for which Valentine’s Day is a bumper payday then ideally you would have started your Valentine’s Day preparations months ago! If you have not started yet or are looking for ways to take your preparation even further then this blog post should be of use to you.


There are a whole host of businesses- more often than not associated with the hospitality industry- who traditionally benefit from the annual day of love: hotels, florists, restaurants, card and chocolate makers, and even babysitters, to name but a few. In order for your business to fully capitalise on all this business generated in the run up to February 14th a strong online presence and profile is essential, and this can be achieved in a number of ways. The first and probably most important step to take is to create pages on your website specific to Valentine’s Day, ideally these pages would have been created sometime in November/December but it is never too late and once the pages are created they can be used year on year with only minor tweaking needed if your product/ service has altered. For example if you are an online florist you could create multiple pages around a Valentines theme, one page could focus on red roses and maybe explore their traditional connection to Valentine’s Day and love. Whilst another page could focus alternative flowers to give for Valentine’s Day and the traditions/ symbolisms behind these other flowers. There more you can think of the better, as long as the pages remain relevant to the topic and don’t get overly repetitive.


Once these pages are created their natural rankings within Google can be improved through conducting keyword research and analysing which metatags and page titles best encapsulate your product/ service whilst simultaneously having a high density of searches. Linking to your newly created pages within your website will also increase the visibility of your Valentine’s Day page. These actions so far will serve to naturally improve your Google ranking overtime and hopefully push you onto the front page if you aren’t their already.


However things aren’t always that simple and in a market as competitive as Valentine’s Day your business may need a further push in order to climb the rankings and ultimately be seen by more people. The best way to do this is promotion of the page through a variety of media. Google ads are a quick way to gain front page visibility, and with the right phrasing and targeting are often effective. A much more inexpensive and simpler way of promoting your page is through creating blog posts, and if you have read this far down my blog post then their effectiveness should be evident. A good blog will combine discussion of your product with humanising elements such as relevant personal experience and anecdotes. The great thing is that even if your blogs aren’t read they will still help your Google rankings and increase natural traffic to your website, so even if no one reads this blog post I’ve been spending part of my morning writing it will still be useful to Net Visibility.


To conclude, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for loads of businesses and if yours is one of them you don’t want to miss out on all the loved up couples and hopeless romantics spending their money. Create pages on your website specific to Valentine’s Day, promote these pages through well-chosen adverts, clever creation of your pages, and long blog posts; your pages will shoot up Google and all that sweet Valentine’s Day money is as good as yours.

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