How does an SEO Agency work?

A Search Engine Optimisation company does exactly as the title would suggest – we optimise your website to perform well in search engines (usually Google) rankings. Google itself processes over 40,000 search queries every second – so being well positioned on their rankings is obviously beneficial.


SEO companies go about improving a website for Google in a number of ways, few of which will be noticed by the average user. Meta tags are created and refined for every page- these tags are like a signpost for Google clearly highlighting the function of each page. Another essential part of an SEO company’s job is to configure a correct Robots.txt file. This file is a way of telling the crawler bots of search engines which pages to look at and therefore rank, and which pages to not look at and therefore not rank. These processes are usually the first thing a good SEO company will look at, however the skill of an SEO company comes from their analysis of an existing website.


SEO companies examine their client’s websites to identify what may be holding their website back in search engine rankings, this could be a number of factors from a confusing website design, to not enough links between pages or irrelevant links. Once these problems are identified the SEO company can then begin a strategy of implementing improvements across all aspects of the website. That said, it would be no good having a website that is optimised for a search engine but look terrible to the end user. SEO companies work on a number of aspects of a website to try and achieve this balance between the search engine and the user.


Whilst it is all well and good reading stuff like this, we recommend that you call our team on 01926 732044 and we talk things through in more detail.