Analytics Explained

Analytics boils down to tracking and reporting. More specifically, the behaviour of all of the traffic that comes to your website; the number, where it enters, how it enters and where it leaves. Google Analytics is a crucial tool this giving us an enormous amount of data to see what is going right and more importantly, what is going wrong.

A perfect starting point

Before we start a campaign, we may take guesses at what services might be beneficial to your company. But with Google Analytics, we can know! We begin by analysing and understanding your data, from this we can tailor a bespoke service to you which will provide you with the best results.

However, it doesn’t stop there, analytics is a close friend throughout the entire campaign process. It is key to continue the tracking process and monitor your successes and provide learning for future campaigns.

But Why?

The aim: increased conversions. Now, it is easy to say you need to do XYZ without any evidence, but often the risk doesn’t pay off. Much like a lawyer entering the courts without any preparation, the jury would not be in their favour.

To truly increase conversions, you must understand what the people are and aren’t doing on your website, and why this might be. With this information you can then apply the most appropriate processes and not be wasting your time with services which aren’t going to convert, therefore maximising your ROI.

Test and Re-Test

Analytics isn’t the only tool in our toolbox, to further understand your audiences we can undertake an array of tests giving us even more data and even more knowledge of the behaviour of your traffic.

A/B Testing

Five Second Testing

Heatmap Analysis

User Experience Videos

Wireframe Testing

Don’t know what any of that means? Don’t worry, we do! In fact, we are experts, so give us a call and chat about which of these might be valuable to you.  

Choose Net Visibility

At Net Visibility we are Google qualified in Google Analytics. We know our stuff! So, although it might look daunting to you, we know exactly what all the buttons and confusing words mean. We see nothing more important than data, it’s what we base all of our decisions on. We are analytics experts, once your website analysis is complete, we know your website visitors so well, its like we’ve been life long friends!

We love a chat, so we could talk to you all day about what your data is telling us and what services would give you the most conversions.

Our Services

After undertaking tests and an analytics investigation, see what services we can provide.

Test      Analyse       Learn

We at Net Visibility follow an ethos which delivers exceptional results: test, analyse, learn. We will test your website, new or existing, using successful methods to generate lots of data . All this information might be ‘mind-boggling’ but don’t panic, as we take the analysis off your hands. We will decipher the jargon, determine the significant points and present this to you in a clear, understandable way. This allows us to pick out areas of learning; aspects which can improve your website, ranking and consequently conversions. But it doesn’t stop there! The key to this approach is that it is a cycle, once improvements are made, it is important that we re-test and start the process again.

We are a Google Partner.

We are a qualified Google Partner. In Google’s own words, “achieving Partner status means that you’ve demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, delivered agency and client revenue growth and sustained and grown your client base”. Our status as a Google Partner means we have access to Google’s data and insights which means we can deliver high quality online marketing campaigns to our clients.


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