Twitter- A Tool We Should Be Using More?

As an agency we have to make choices in where to advise our clients to spending their advertising money. For display advertising we currently recommend the Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Until now, unless a customer specifically wanted to advertise on Twitter we haven’t pursued this as an advertising platform. Our reasoning behind this was quite simply due to the Twitter share price.


Shares in Twitter started trading on the NYSE in November 2013 at $40 but steadily dropped to a low of $14 I mid-2016. This was mainly due to the platform being unable to properly monetise themselves.


We now notice that Twitter is introducing is Promote Mode (similar to Facebook’s boosted posts) and that in the last 3 months their share price has jumped from $20 to $30. Surely there is a link between the introduction of Promote Mode and a jump in their share price. Whilst still 25% below the IPO price, we must stand up and take Twitter more seriously as an advertising platform.


At Net Visibility we will be monitoring things closely and over time can see that we will be adding Twitter to our recommended advertising platforms for our customers.