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Zing Performance Advertising with Net Visibility
Net Visibility have been working closely with Zing Performance since lockdown 2020 and we have been able to deliver outstanding campaigns that are delivering high quality leads.
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The Challenge

Zing Performance wanted to increase the number of leads coming through their website.  The issue was that there was no sales process, marketing, or structure in place which meant they were unable to measure where existing leads were coming from and where they were missing out. The challenge was being able to identify a unique target audience who would be suitable for the program to be able to roll this out globally.

The Net Visibility Approach

Before we could address identifying an audience for their program before widening the audience, we helped implement a sales process so the team had structure and direction.  We transformed the customer journey through an email campaign funnel and helped develop their CRM system so they could grow their database. 

The Outcomes

The new data insights helped inform the strategy for the new campaigns we run.  This has led to over 3k downloads of their book, and they constantly have leads coming through by booking a discovery call.  Zing Performance now have a bespoke client base from Australia, Canada, USA, UK, and Ireland that their sales team can contact.

About Zing Performance

Zing Performance is a unique and effective program that can drive development and improve performance by focusing of specific areas of the brain.  Zing helps to empower children and adults across the world to unleash their potential and excel in lifelong learning.

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Zing Performance Advertising with Net Visibility

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