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Helping Edwards find their niche…and dominate it.

Edwards Insurance Advertising with Net Visibility

If you’re insuring a church, a charity or even a private road, then Edwards Insurance Brokers are the people you want to speak to.  With almost 20 years in the business, there’s not much they don’t know about the more specialist areas of insurance.

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The Challenge

Edwards Insurance Brokers provide insurance for a very specialist customer base.  They were paying well over the odds to try and remain visible in an incredibly crowded marketplace where they were vying for online visibility with the heavyweights of the car and home insurance world.

Our challenge was to drive more relevant traffic to the website for the same total advertising spend. We needed to help them find their online niche – and then dominate it.

The Net Visibility Approach

For Edwards, we began, as we always do, with research. We looked at the key search terms they were already being seen for on Google, and at their competitors too. We monitored customer journeys, looked at where sales leads dropped off and worked out what might be stopping leads converting to sales. The data told us that generic search terms were expensive and unlikely to convert into a sales lead. We adapted things and used more specific phrases. Hey presto – an advertising campaign that works so much better.

Edwards’ website was refined and optimised the main service offering web pages reflecting the ad content, making for a smoother customer journey, resulting in increased lead generation.  The overhaul was extended even further seeing Net Visibility work with the web developer to identify a series of landing pages relating to these niche insurance offerings. 

Not only did the campaign convert better, it also prevented the regular flurry of time-consuming calls from customers looking for more generic insurance offerings.

The Results

Well researched and well executed actions meant we were able to swiftly increase high quality relevant traffic to Edwards’ site, enhance the customer journey and help them to be seen at the top of a Google search for a large variety of their specialist insurance services. Month on month for every 10 people who click on a Net Visibility advert and visit the Edwards Insurance website, one becomes a sales lead.  Let us assure you, this is significantly higher than the insurance industry norm.

About Edwards Insurance

Edwards Insurance Brokers is a family-run business specialising in church insurance, charity insurance, commercial insurance, and insurance for high-value homeowners. Established in 2004 and based near Meriden, their focus is to bring peace of mind to a wide range of specialist organisations.

Services Rendered

Edwards Insurance Advertising with Net Visibility

“Net Visibility are knowledgeable, straight-talking and easy to work with. Extremely helpful and a great friendly team to work with. They are always in communication with us about our SEO and online presence, which we are very grateful for.”

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