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Astrum Cleaning Advertising with Net Visibility
Astrum has trusted Net Visibility since 2015.  Astrum brought the Net Visibility team onboard to help drive good quality relevant traffic to their website, increase their sales leads and ROI.
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The Challenge

The main objective was to reach local businesses who required and could afford their services.  They were looking for a very specific qualified lead.  The campaigns were designed to drive measurable leads across the Midlands directly to Astrum’s website.  The biggest challenge our team found was the phrases chosen to bid on and the ads you are showing them is sufficient enough to show that they were corporate.  We wanted to try and exclude job hunters as the phrases were also being searched by those looking for part time cleaning work.

The Net Visibility Approach

Net Visibility’s account management team focused on implementing a localised strategy by creating regional campaigns for each geographical area (Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham, and Derby) to increase their conversion rate.  Our team applied tracking to identify who was dropping out, bouncing the most, not engaging with the website and see which search terms worked and didn’t.  Once we were happy with how their ads were working, we took the same search campaign and imported that into Microsoft so they would appear on Bing search too.

The Results

Introducing live chats show a huge uplift in conversion as people liked having more options available of how they could get in contact if they had more questions.  However, our biggest achievements were being able to localise adverts by creating local landing pages for Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham and Derby (opposed to covering everywhere), where we found that lead engagement increased dramatically.  Net Visibility ustilised using the same strong campaign and imported it over to Microsoft and over time, we were able to identify bidding on the right phrases giving us that fantastic 70% impression share. 

About Astrum

Astrum are a commercial cleaning company that are now one of the largest privately owned in the East and West Midlands. Their Head Office is close to Birmingham Airport, with local offices in Coventry and Nottingham/Derby.  Astrum looks after over 200 customers and employs in excess of 600 operatives enabling customers to always deal with a local manager.

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Astrum Cleaning Advertising with Net Visibility

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