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Windsor Reclamation Advertising with Net Visibility

Building relationships is a KEY part of what we like to do here at Net Visibility. Our team are a friendly bunch, and we like to get up close and personal when it comes to your business and your online data.

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The Challenge

Being extremely visible online isn’t always a good thing. Windsor Reclamation had a high volume of traffic to their website, but the conversion rate was low. Our job was to find out why, and to connect them with their ideal clients.

The Net Visibility Approach

As always, our approach is to look first, then act. We applied tracking software to their website and were able to see that the location targeting used by Windsor Reclamation was far too broad.  Whilst traffic was high, the wrong people were visiting the site, meaning fewer sales leads.

By adjusting the location targeting radius, we ensured the business was found by their target audience in London and the South East.

We also worked with Windsor Reclamation to optimise their website, ensuring all call-to-action buttons throughout the site were both relevant and effective, providing a pleasant user journey.  Once this was done, we ran highly effective ad campaigns to further target their audience.

The Outcomes

Very happy clients. The work we did (and continue to do) with Windsor Reclamation now generates most of their sales leads. This translates to sales of a whopping 1 million bricks per year. By making sure they were found by the right people, not all the people, we helped to significantly increase conversion rates.

Windsor Reclamation have worked with Net Visibility for over 20 years now.  We’ve been able to steadily decrease their costs whilst maintaining sales leads. They trust us to look after their online marketing, freeing them up to focus on evolving their business.

About Windsor Reclamation

Serving London and the South East, Windsor Reclamation is a family-owned business which specialises in reclaimed bricks. Founded in 1983 the company works with both trade and private customers.  With over 40 years in the business, Windsor Reclamation has unparalleled expertise in the field of reclaimed stock bricks.

Services Rendered

Windsor Reclamation Advertising with Net Visibility

“We’ve been clients of Net Visibility for many years now, we have always found them to be incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They offer a wide range of services suiting our online business needs. We would be happy to recommend them.”

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