Case Study Platinum Wave Campers

Hitting the road and going platinum…

Platinum Wave Campers Advertising with Net Visibility

Based in the heart of the country, Platinum Wave Campers are luxury custom build VW campervan specialists who had their eye on being the top luxury VW campervan provider in the UK.

The team at Net Visibility were up for the challenge and set to work analysing web traffic, finding their specialist luxury audience, and helping them grow their business. Fast.

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The Challenge

Growing online presence is easy (ish), targeting the right audience for your business to generate quality sales leads, takes a bit of expertise.

Our challenge with Platinum Wave Campers was to make sure they were being seen by those looking for the ‘luxe’ campervan experience, by using search terms that weren’t too broad and to help them implement an effective online process for capturing sales leads.

The Net Visibility Approach

Platinum Wave Campers (just like their product) had a great sense of adventure when it came to their business! They weren’t afraid to trust our expertise and trial new means of finding their audience.

We analysed site activity and tracked traffic to get a clear idea of where their key audiences were coming from. We then used a mix of campaigns using WhatsApp, Microsoft, Facebook, and YouTube bumper ads to target their core market.

Alongside some strong online campaigns, we helped Platinum Wave Campers to really refine their web presence, optimise landing pages and streamline their sales process to ensure no potential sales leads were lost.

The Results

It’s a great privilege to work with a newly formed company and see them succeed. Platinum Wave Campers have gone from strength to strength, and we loved working with them, helping them consistently refine and improve their online sales.

Each month Platinum Wave Camper’s results were better than the last, and they got a huge 200% surge on top of their normal sales as the world came out of the pandemic. At each step we were able to help them adjust and refine their ads as they scaled up their business to cope with demand.  Our online marketing know-how helped them to grow their business fast, to position themselves in the luxury campervan market and to quickly take their place as one of the UK’s leading campervan retailers.

About Platinum Wave Campers

Founded in 2018 and based in Hampton-in-Arden, Platinum Wave Campers are specialists in custom built VW campervans. From ‘off the shelf’ pre-built campers to bespoke builds, these guys know all about exploring the great outdoors with some built in luxury! What level of luxury we hear you ask? If we tell you some of the staff used to work at a small firm called Aston Martin – that might give you an idea of the quality of build and level of luxe, you’ll be experiencing.

Net Visibility worked with Platinum Wave Campers from its inception, delivering high quality leads and supporting them on their journey to become one of the UK’s leading campervan retailers.

Services Rendered

Platinum Wave Campers Advertising with Net Visibility

Can’t recommend them enough. Our sales and online presence have improved month on month. Great work ethic and experts in their field.”

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