Case Study Safeline

Helping Care for the Most Vulnerable in Our Communities

Safeline Advertising with Net Visibility

Our marketing team worked with the charity Safeline to reach a particular audience who would benefit from support on such a sensitive topic as sexual abuse.

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The Challenge

As part of their mission to safeguard people online, major search engines work hard to block certain sensitive terms being used for advertising which, in general, is great news. But not ideal when you’re a charity trying to help victims of abuse.

Our challenge with Safeline was to really get to grips with the search terms their audience would use and help them find a way to boost their online profile – whilst staying within Google’s parameters.

The Net Visibility Approach

As with every job we do, we took time to really understand Safeline, and to get to know their audience. By understanding the type of search terms, they were likely to use, we were able to use our expertise to tailor our ads to avoid terms that might be rejected by Google, but still ensure they were seen by those who needed them.

Alongside this work, we also helped Safeline to secure the free advertising available to charities online.

The Results

Very quickly, Safeline began to see a growth in traffic to their website. More importantly they saw a growth in relevant traffic.  Over 60,000 sexual abuse survivors visited the site in the first few months that the ads first went live. 

This kind of result means a huge amount to the Net Visibility team. We love our jobs, but when we get to help a cause as important as this… well, it sends us home with even bigger grins on our faces!

What they say: “Net Visibility gave us £200,000 of free advertising which has resulted in 60,000 sexual abuse survivors visiting our website. These are people we wouldn’t have been able to reach before.”

About Safeline

Based in Warwickshire, Safeline is a national charity helping support and empower victims of, or those at risk of, sexual violence and abuse. They work with all people regardless of age, gender, race, and religion, offering free, independent, and confidential advice and guidance.

At Net Visibility we are extremely proud of our local community. We love where we live and work, and we endeavour to do what we can to support local charities.  All work undertaken for Safeline was done on a pro bono basis.

Services Rendered

Safeline Advertising with Net Visibility

Net Visibility have given us $200,000 of free advertising for them which has resulted in 60,000 sexual abuse survivors visiting our website. These are people who we wouldn’t have been able to reach before.”

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