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Safeline Advertising with Net Visibility
Our marketing team worked with the charity Safeline to reach a particular audience who would benefit from support on such a sensitive topic as sexual abuse.
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Clicks to Safeline’s website since working on their campaigns in 2017

The Challenge

Safeline wanted to drive relevant traffic to their website who were not using the search terms “I need help” or “I need support”.  As this was such a sensitive topic, Google rejected a variety of words and arrangements that we submitted and our team worked hard to find ways around this.  The aim was to be seen by those who may need help but to stay away from those who could be looking to take advantage.

The Net Visibility Approach

The account management team worked closely with Safeline and took the time to research and really understand the phrases that would be typed into the search engine on Google.  The ads were then tailored to encourage those looking for help and support to contact Safeline.

The Results

Net Visibility has helped Safeline reach a relevant audience and made them visible.  While we had a 7% click through rate, we realised that the audience were not always ready to reach out for help straight away and would click through to the website later. This is okay because they know where the help was when they are ready and that is proven by the amount of clicks through to their website from ads overall.

About Safeline

The Safeline are a leading specialist charity for sexual abuse victims and offer help and support to those affected in their recovery.  This includes working with people whose mental health issues suggest that they may be vulnerable to abuse.  

Services Rendered

Safeline Advertising with Net Visibility

Net Visibility have given us $200,000 of free advertising for them which has resulted in 60,000 sexual abuse survivors visiting our website. These are people who we wouldn’t have been able to reach before.”

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